Nereid’s Recreational Adults is designed for both seasoned and new rowers. This group is meant to allow athletes to row in a non-competitive environment, and just work on being the best rower they can be.

Recreational Adults will run Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6 am-7:30 am (FULL)


Tuesday and Thursday 6am-7:30am 

The Fall Season will run from August 17th-October 30th for MWF (FULL) and from September 15th-October 29th for T/Th 


Athletes will work on technique and basic fitness while enjoying the beautiful mornings that the Passaic has to offer.

To participate in the Masters program, Nereid membership and completion of Learn-to-Row lessons or equivalent certification by the Captain or Head Coach is required. For a new rower to have a successful experience, competence in rowing a recreational single is encouraged. However, this does not mean that rowers with no experience in a single scull should not apply. We want anyone that is willing to learn to be a part of the team!

Please contact our Head of Programs ( or our Head Coach ( with any questions about the program or your eligibility!

*The MWF Recreational group is full. If you would like to join, please contact us. If there is enough interest we will start a Tuesday/Thursday morning group!