Nereid’s Competitive Adults (Masters) program is for Master rowers that want to compete and train in a competitive atmosphere. The goal is for the group to train regularly, both on land and water, and compete in local regattas if athletes desire to.

Competitive Adults will run Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5:30 am-7 am 

The Fall session for MWF will run from August 23rd until October 29th

Groups will be capped at 12 participants per session to allow for effective coaching 

MWF Cost: $375


In order to participate, rowers must first be proficient in a single. Proficiency will be tested by the Head Coach. You must be a full member of the club to participate.

Once on the Competitive team, you must be present at two practices a week to be considered for race lineups.

If racing is not your goal, that is not a problem, however, consistent attendance helps build a culture of intensity and competition, making it an important aspect of the team.

It is expected that you will be partaking in cross training occasionally on your off days in order to improve fitness.

Please contact our Head of Programs ( or our Head Coach ( with any questions about the program or your eligibility!