Middle School Rowing


Nereid’s Middle School rowing program is a team program that is open to all middle school athletes of any experience level. Middle School athletes who are new to the sport should visit the Youth Learn-to-Row page to learn more about Nereid’s other options for getting started. The goal of the Middle School rowing program is to teach the athletes the fundamentals of the sport and to give them proper exposure to the sport so that they can determine whether or not they want to pursue it at the more competitive High School level.

The Middle School program practices year-round, however, rowers can sign up for each season separately. You can learn more about each season’s program in the descriptions below, and you can register using the online checkout too towards the bottom of the page.


We understand that not all interested athletes will be able to participate for the entire 8 weeks of the summer program. Therefore, participation for the entire season is not required, and rowers have two registration options for the summer program:

  • Full Summer: Rowers who will participate in more than 4 of the 8-week summer program should register for the Full Summer option
  • Partial Summer: Rowers who will participate in 4 or less weeks of the 8-week summer program should register for the Partial Summer option


The 2019 Fall season will begin on September 3rd for Middle School rowers, and it will end on November 7th. This program is open to both experienced and novice rowers and meets Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 6 – 7:30 PM. The goal of this program is to teach rowers proper technique while also physically preparing experienced rowers for racing.

Opportunities to race will be available to rowers throughout the season, at the coaches’ discretion. A certain level of commitment is expected from each athlete in order to compete. Specific expectations will be discussed at the start of the season. For further questions please contact Dylan Gould at headcoach@nereidbc.org.

*Rutherford Residents receive a 50% discount until participation reaches 25% of the program size, after which the discount is pro-rated across all Rutherford participants. We ask all participants to pay the full program amount, and then we will issue a refund to Rutherford Residents once the final numbers are known. At current participation levels we expect that refund level to be 50%.*

Space is limited and therefore acceptance is not guaranteed and is determined based on seniority, as well as on a first come, first served basis. Nereid reserves the right to modify the program schedule as circumstances change. Should an athlete drop out of a program, no refund will be provided.